Migration Update – Retiring of HSMC Email Address


Dear Staff and Students,
We are pleased to have successfully migrated our main website, email addresses, and mail groups.

We are now migrating dept/office websites one by one. If you find broken links, it is likely that the migration is in progress (we need to set up the domain and change the links). Kindly report any problem with the following page:


Some staff asked about when we will terminate the use of hsmc email address. It is noted that our colleagues and students need to receive emails from friends who will send to the old address. But we also need to encourage people to use the new hsu address.

ITSC therefore plans that:
1. To forward @hsmc.edu.hk until the end of August 2019;
2. After that, we will NOT forward hsmc emails to hsu. Instead, we will give an automatic reply to all hsmc emails. Something like:
“The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong has adopted a new email domain <@hsu.edu.hk>. Kindly resend your email @hsmc.edu.hk to @hsu.edu.hk.


If you have any concern/suggestion, you are most welcome to contact ITSC at x160.

Best regards,
Prof. P.C. Wong
Information Technology Services Centre
The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong