Green IT & Ergonomics (8 October 2018)

Register   Coming back to the first session of IT in Touch in this academic year, we are co-organizing with CDMO on topics related to our daily work place.  Do you know what are “Ergonomics” (人體工學) in workplace? Do… Read more

Digital Analytics (29 May 2018)

Register Digital Analytics Here comes the last IT in Touch in this academic year! In this session, we are sharing with you another hot topic “Digital Analytics”. Digital analytics encompasses the collection, measurement, analysis and interpretation of digital… Read more

The Emerging Power of IT for Sport Lovers (26 April 2018)

Register The Emerging Power of IT for Sport Lovers 近年越來越多人參與運動,運動數碼產品亦都應運而生,例如運動藍牙耳機、智能運動手環、手機程式等都變得普及化。 擁有智能手環的你,是否清晰了解各項測量健康數據的意思? 準備購買運動數碼產品的你,又是否知道如挑選一套適合自己的數碼裝備? 今次workshop 我們邀請到SAO-PE同事,為大家介紹一系列的數碼裝備和應用程式,與你分享資訊科技如何融入運動當中? Wellness devices have emerged as one of the must-have accessories for sport lovers. With technologies leading the way you can effortlessly keep track of your health… Read more