[Alert] More on HSU Domain Migration


Dear Staff and Students,

We are pleased to provide more details on hsu.edu.hk domain migration:

Migration Time

We will start migration from 22:00 tonight to 08:00 tomorrow. Please do not use Gmail or other Google Services during this period. We will do the following tasks:

To migrate the Google accounts
To change the contact emails in over 100 systems and websites
To change the login addresses of over 50 websites and applications
You may start using your email tomorrow (Nov. 9).

After Migration

1. You will have ONLY ONE email account <@hsu.edu.hk>, and an email alias <@hsmc.edu.hk>. Emails sent to @hsmc.edu.hk will be delivered to @hsu.edu.hk;

2. All future emails will be sent from @hsu.edu.hk only.

More Migration

Veriguide and EDX will be suspended from 09:00 to 18:00 tomorrow (Nov 9) due to domain change.

Mailing Groups

All mailing groups (@hsmc.edu.hk) can still be used until further notice. New email groups (@hsu.edu.hk) will be created in a later exercise.

Thanks for your kind attention. Please feel free to contact ITSC (itsc@hsmc.edu.hk) if you have any inquiries, thanks.